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Location: Village of Zblewo close to the national road No. 22, Osiedle Dębowe 4,

Opening hours: 7am- 9pm. The last orders at 8:30pm.

Number of seats: Main ball hall- to 150 people, Conference and banquet hall- to 60 people

Polish, Regional, Kresowa and Kociewie’s cuisine.

Air conditioning, facilities for disabled,

Bar- a large selection of alcoholic beverages

Breakfasts from 7am to 10am in buffet form

Special offer for organized groups and trips. Please contact us in advance.

MENU 2023

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We have accommodation for more than 80 people. We offer rooms for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 people with a bathroom and shower. Wireless Internet is available for all our guests. On request we provide a baby cot. The restaurant serves hearty breakfasts for both hotel guests and visitors.

Rooms standard Gościniec
Osiedle Dębowe 4

  • Single room - budget
    • 1-2 night - 130 PLN/day
    • 3-6 night - 120 PLN/day
  • Double room - standard
    • 1-2 night - 250 PLN/day, for 1 person 150 PLN/day
    • 3-6 night - 240 PLN/day, for 1 person 140 PLN/day
  • Triple room - standard
    • 1-2 night - 360 PLN/day
    • 3-6 night- 330 PLN/day

Rooms deluxe Konopielka Hotel
Osiedle Dębowe 5

  • Single room
    • 1-2 night - 170 PLN/day
    • 3-6 night - 150 PLN/day
  • Double room
    • 1-2 night - 270 PLN/day
    • 3-6 night - 260 PLN/day
  • Triple room
    • 1-2 night - 370 PLN/day
    • 3-6 night - 360 PLN/day
  • 4 persons room
    • 1-2 night - 440 PLN/day, possible extra bed + 60 PLN
    • 3-6 night - 400 PLN/day, possible extra bed + 60 PLN
  • Apartment 4 persons - living room with double sofa bed + bedroom with 2 single beds + kitchenette and bathroom
    • 1-2 night - 480 PLN, 4 x adults, (for family 2+2 price 440 PLN/day)
    • 3-6 night - 440 PLN, 4 x adults, (for family 2+2 price 400 PLN/day)

Breakfasts in price

Additionally, we offer family apartments

  • Apartment deluxe with balcony  3-5 persons about 48m2 price on request, depending on the number of people and days of stay
  • Apartment deluxe with balcony, kitchenette, toilet + bathroom,  6-9 persons about 85m2 price on request, depending on the number of people and days of stay

Children up to 3 years old free of charge without an extra bed

Breakfasts are also available for guests who do not use the Hotel Service.
The cost of breakfast is PLN 30 / person

Information for those who book hotel services.
We make refunds of advances made for hotel reservations upon cancellation 7 days before the arrival of the guests. All prepayments for accommodation taking into account the discount are treated as non-refundable. Detailed rules of payment for reservations in force at the facility are consistent with the information provided on booking.com.

Bank transfer details:
Bank Millenium nr 67116022020000000138619679
Andrzej Majka i wspólnicy Sp.J. os dębowe 4
83-210 Zblewo

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We encourage you to use our catering offer as well as „to go” meals and to stay at our Gościniec for individual meetings or mass corporate events with full service and technical background. We offer service for almost all types of party even in unusual places with preparing food, tables arrangement and experienced service.

  1. Coffee buffets from 12 PLN
  2. Bussiness lunch from 30 PLN
  3. Ocassional party from 60 PLN
  4. Banquet from 150 PLN
Catering – standard offer


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We have a conference and banquet hall.

Area of the conference and banquet hall is 70m2.

Room equipment:

  • air conditioning,
  • screen 2 x 2 m,
  • HD projector with connection (HDMI, Video, PC),
  • conference board,
  • sound system,
  • WiFi,
  • comfortable upholstered chairs,

Types of arragement conference and banquet hall:

  • theather arrangement / up to 60 persons
  • conference arrangement / up to 50 persons
  • school arrangement / up to 50 persons
  • banquet arrangement / up to 40 persons
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Event organization

The organization of conferences and team building events.

The area’s main hall – restaurant 180m2,

Room equipment:

  • air conditioning,
  • screen 2 x 2 m,
  • HD projector with connection (HDMI, Video, PC),
  • conference board,
  • sound system,
  • WiFi,
  • comfortable upholstered chairs

Types of arragement conference and banquet hall:

  • theather arrangement / up to 150 persons
  • conference arrangement / up to 120 persons
  • school arrangement / up to 120 persons
  • banquet arrangement / up to 100 persons

Ability to prepare meals or breakfast of coffee, the details given above.

We unconventional events, the nature, scope of activities and menus are set individually.

During the evening events are organized competitions corresponding to the selected by your subject.

We offer you additional attractions, which may constitute a separate deal or piece of scenario events:

  • Professional shows Illusion
  • Professional dance shows (work with the best dance groups in Poland)
  • dance classes
  • Karaoke in conjunction with the music the best music presenters
  • Live music performed by bands not only from Pomerania
  • Live Cooking
  • Practical, interactive culinary course of your participation not only in terms of consumption

There is available accommodation facilities – Rooms 1,2 and 3 bed rooms with an LCD, Wi-Fi and bathrooms with shower, number of beds for 28 people.

The organization of outdoor events

There is also the possibility of organizing a corporate event in the form of catering at your location. The possibility of preparing attractions in the outdoors Paintball, inflatable castles for children, BBQ, etc ..


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Wedding is one of the most important moments in life, so if you want to relive those moments in an unforgettable atmosphere with excellent dishes and trunkach, today contact us.

We are committed to the full satisfaction of the wedding guests, because all the details of the terms and offer personally discuss the menu.

We also have beautiful grounds – Ranch Konopielka with a pond and a beautiful grove.

We offer different pricing options depend composed the menu.


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Special Events

We organize all kinds of special events, for example:

  • Communions
  • Birthdays
  • Funreals
  • Anniversaries

Please contact us to present a full offer tailored to your requirements:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +48 58 532 13 85 lub +48 792 922 326

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Holidays events

Certainly during the holiday season most of you planning to organize a meeting or training for your employees, colleagues or business partners aimed at strengthening friendship and knowledge. Such meetings are a good way of thanks for their hard work and contribution of employees in the performance of your company.

We encourage you to organize such a meeting in Gościniec Konopielka in Zblewo – a place particularly charming and prepared for such circumstances.

Beautifully adorned hall and bypass the holiday season will tune positively to all guests, and such a meeting will bring tangible results in the future, increasing motivation and efficiency at work. We offer these circumstance specially prepared menu. Inquiries should be directed to our e-mali or contact us by phone.


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Dancing / Club Events

During the carnival, holidays and early autumn also organize dance parties, dances and balls with complete consumption. We are looking forward for you contact.


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Offer for children

“Konopielka” is a family friendly place for children. Changing table, baby car seats, play area, special menus and on weekends additional attractions, the convenience for parents and for kids not any fun. If you plan to celebrate christenings, communions and birthdays or spend a nice time with your family, our Tavern is an ideal place for doing so. During family gatherings and dinners, fun kids occupied not whine and not fussy, and adults in peace can return to the pleasures of the palate … … of course !!!

Planning a birthday your child write to us!


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Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie danych osobowych podanych przeze mnie w formularzu przez administratora danych tj. Gościniec Konopielka, NIP 5922264879 , nr REGON 362471319, Osiedle Dębowe 4, 83-210 Zblewo, w celu dostarczania mi informacji handlowej.

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Bardzo dobre jedzenie,rozsadne ceny,miła obsługa kelnerska. Bardzi dużo gości na sali,czuc,ze jedzenie swiezo pzygotowane a nie przeleżałe jak to się niestety czasami trafia w restauracjach. Miejsce dla dzieci do zabawy. Polecam! :)

Kamil K.

Bardzo dobre jedzenie. Doskonały i przyjemny wystrój, przesympatyczna obsługa, jedzenie przepyszne!!! Pstrąg z pieca...poezja smaku, surówki rewelacja !!!Polecam restaurację! 5 gwiazdek naprawdę warto tam zajrzeć

Tomasz M.

Pokój jest pokojem dość małym, nie mniej jednak bardzo ładnie urządzonym. W pokoju telewizor z dostępem do mnóstwa kanałów. Łazienka z prysznicem z hydromasażem. Bardzo fajna baza noclegowa. Przepyszne jedzenie, jedzenie jest bardzo ładnie podane. Porcje są bardzo duże, a cena naprawdę niska.

Karol ze Szwecji

W Gościńcu spędziłem kilka dni. Przejeżdżając przypadkiem zjechałem z trasy i postanowiłem zjeść w tym przepięknym miejscu obiad. Pyszna, wyjątkowa kuchnia spowodowała, że postanowiłem tam wracać, gdy tylko nadarzyła się do tego okazja. Obsługa bardzo miła, perfekcyjna kuchnia, jeżeli mam ocenić w skali od 1 do 5 bez daję oczywiście temu miejscu wielką 5.

Piotr z Wrocławia