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The route along the Borzechowskie Lake to the Arboretum in Wirty. After sightseeing, you can enjoy the beach and swim in the lake.

Short. Duration 1 hour, 21 km
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The route around three lakes: Borzechowskie, Szteklin and Sumińskie. On the way, you can visit the Arboretum in Wirty and take advantage of the beach and swimming in the Borzechowskie lake. We will pass a part of the famous Kociewie Lake Trail along the Sumiński Lake.

Medium. Duration 1.45 minutes, 32 km
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After Lake Borzechowskie, we enter and follow the famous Kociewski Lake Trail, which leads from Skarszewy to Osieka. It is one of the most interesting natural and cultural Kociewie Bicycle Routes. The leitmotif of this trail is numerous lakes along the route. The route leads through the wonderful forests of Bory Tucholskie, passing the charming village of Kasparus. Numerous examples of wooden regional architecture (cottages, presbytery, church, outbuildings) have been preserved here. The end of the trail is in Osiek by Lake Kałębie, which due to its size is commonly known as the Kociewie Sea. Then we can return the same or slightly modified route.

Long. Duration 4 hours, 70 km
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A large part of the Starogard Cycling Trail, which leads from Starogard to the Wda River in Czarna Woda. We enter it in Zblewo, and then we drive along side roads along small lakes and forests to the charming Wda River, whose picturesque bank we follow for a while. Return possible along the national road 22, but we recommend choosing routes from the main road.

Long. Duration 3.30 minutes, 63 km
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