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Regenerative Meals

Invest in the health
and productivity of your employees

We are perfectly aware of the fact that healthy and motivated employees are the key to the success of every company. That’s why we support your company in ensuring the satisfaction, comfort and optimal health of your team.

Our offer of regenerative meals for companies is based primarily on providing tasty and at the same time properly balanced meals, perfectly tailored to the needs of your employees. We want them to fully benefit from their work and at the same time take proper care of their health.

We are aware that, in accordance with the applicable Labor Code, employers are obliged to provide their employees working in difficult conditions with appropriate meals and drinks, if necessary for preventive reasons. At the same time, it is worth noting that such meals are exempt from income tax.

At the beginning of September 2023, favorable changes were introduced in subsidies for your employees. The amount of exemption from contributing to this benefit has increased to PLN 450 per employee per month. This is an almost 50% increase compared to 2022 and over 130% more compared to 2021. In other words, the annual saving for the employer per employee is now PLN 1,051, while the employee can save as much as PLN 1,075 per year.

These are significant financial benefits for both your company and employees.

Currently, subsidizing meals is becoming an increasingly attractive non-wage benefit. This not only helps employees relieve the burden on their home budget, but also enables them to take advantage of these benefits both at work and while working remotely.

According to research by the World Health Organization, employees who regularly eat healthy meals increase their productivity by almost 20%. This positive impact on employees also has a positive side effect for employers, as it reduces employee absenteeism, which is a clear benefit from the company’s perspective.

Employers have a wide range of options when it comes to providing their employees with meals that qualify for relief. This includes providing meals in the company canteen, using catering services, and offering employees meal vouchers, food vouchers or prepaid cards. Calculations show that the amount of annual savings depends on the number of employees. A company with 20 employees can save over PLN 21,000 a year, and for a medium-sized company with 100 employees, this saving exceeds PLN 100,000 a year. In the case of large companies with several thousand employees, the savings are measured in millions of zlotys.

We are ready to meet the needs related to the introduction of such an attractive form of gratification for employees in your workplace. We present our offer for the preparation and delivery of unique regenerative meals, which will certainly contribute to increasing satisfaction and motivation among the employee team.


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