Solar panels

Hotel Konopielka becomes energy self-sufficient on sunny days by using its own solar panels! Caring for the environment is a priority for us, which is why we have invested in renewable energy sources.

Thanks to our solar panels, we are able to exploit the full potential of the sun’s rays, transforming them into clean electricity. Our lighting systems, air conditioning units, water heaters and many other appliances run on the energy collected by the solar panels. This means that during sunny days, our hotel does not use energy from the grid, which translates into less fossil fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

In addition, the solar panels at the Konopielka Hotel also provide shaded parking spaces. Through skilfully designed structures, the panels create pleasant shades over the parking spaces, protecting your vehicle from direct sunlight. This helps to keep the temperature lower inside your car, especially on hot days.

Enjoy a stay at the eco-friendly Konopielka Hotel, where comfort and environmental protection go hand in hand.